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Jan 23, 2013 6:00pm PST
was in the northern district where the vehicle crashed at fill more and japantown. the victim was transported and unfortunately passed a way. anyone with information please call our anonymous tip line. we protect everybody's identity. the second homicide was in the excelsior district. it was a double shooting and one of the victims passed away due to the injuries. our officers in the task force major crimes worked that up and had a weapon and person in custody by the next day. the officers do a spectacular job in solving the crimes and we can't do it without the community so we ask for that help. we had a football game this weekend. we will be playing in the super bowl. we had a robust celebration in some neighborhoods and was in the mission district and made nine drunk arrests. one person did commit an aggravated assault on someone but compared to celebrations in other cities after championship games it was a success and good plan. again i applaud the officers and the fans that showed the same class that our team showed on the field and everyone put it out far and wide and we expect
Jan 16, 2013 11:30am PST
for the japan center garage and i'm the executive director of the japantown task force. first off, let me comment that please excuse the absolute absence of our garage manage who suffered a back problem and unfortunately had to go to the emergency. what i wanted to comment on the japan center garage is a very important community asset and has particularly unique and strong value and i think both to the community and to the city. there is a long history with, this as you know, as related to the entire development of the shopping center, and back in the '60s and today, the issues of preservation of the japanese and cultural character of the neighborhood. so there is an ongoing need to support the existing small businesses and micro businesses, and i think this garage corporation serves a very important role in doing that. i think it's very important to have a ongoing understanding of local [kpwh-ebg/] needs. the marketing of the garage is conducted bit organization, and in conclusion, i think any lesser role would be a very significant loss to both the community and the city. thank you. >
Jan 18, 2013 3:00am PST
will deliver in a few weeks. with expected conclusion of activities including japantown and western soma this will enable division staff to focus more on the general plan and citywide planning programs as the director mentioned before. and it will also concentrate on activities and planning efforts such as the healthcare services master plan, the invest in neighborhoods initiatives, and master plans on publicly owned sites. now, moving on to the environmental planning division, the environmental planning staff has recently completed eirs for a variety of different projects, including the transit center district plan, pier 27 cruise ship terminal for america's cup, noma and western soma. cpmc five campuses has remained on appeal at the board of supervisors as the hospital program is being redefined at this time. some other ongoing major eirs include the warrior's arena, central corridor plan,mta a transit effectiveness project, academy of art project and mexican museum, just to note a few. moving on to the zoning administration and compliance division, this division has the zoning adminis
Jan 30, 2013 12:00pm PST
of our hotels include the [speaker not understood] in japantown, the hotel rex, carlton, laurel lynn at laurel heights, [speaker not understood]. what's wonderful about this initiative is that we know that many of our downtown hotels benefit whenever there is a convention in the city. and what happens is that it creates compression and the business that would otherwise go to this hotels in the city also are spread throughout the neighborhoods such as the laurel and the kabuki and natoma that normally would not get that demand. but whenever there is a convention in the city, we get that compression and the demand. because of these benefits, you know, we really want to support this as a community as well as our company supports this as well. and we do hope that you support this. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. mr. lim, did you forget a key or somebody? thank you, mr. paulson. >>> looks like you're expanding moscone big size ♪ and i looked in from the inside annual budget eyes in your budget eyes in your eyes in your big budget eyes in your [speaker not unders
Jan 16, 2013 11:30pm PST
in san francisco's japantown. a specially designed t-shirt is flying off the shelves. >> reporter: we're live in the stock room. you can see ten boxes of kaepernick gear has arrived after hours. the design is based on the tatoos sported approximate by the 49ers quarterback against all odds on the front, and st. michael, fighting the devil, along with kaepernick's name and his number on the back. the tatoo artist who designed a t-shirt inspired by a fellow tatoo afficionado. colin kaepernick. >> we decided to do some more. >> reporter: like the 49ers quarterback, the t-shirt has become an overnight sensation, and a best seller at the san jose boutique. >> we were just waiting in line, and it was pretty crazy. >> reporter: she sold 300 t- shirts today to fans who are still calling the store to pre- order more. >> we did sellout today. yes, this is our very last t- shirt. and everyone wanted to buy it, but i said you got to come back on friday. >> reporter: the success has taken the small business owners off guard, as has the new found friendship and business relationship with the sports
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)